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Jan 26, 2004

One idiot talking about another idiot. Haj Rezai is a regime nocheh and ass kisser and I am sure how he is talking against CQ is stemming from someone.

My personal opinion is that Taj has done OK from what you can expect within the Islamic regime and how business is conducted there. I have to say that most of it has to do with CQ planning and execution and the brilliance he has brought in but in terms of keeping drama low and just going about doing the daily things its been ok.
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Feb 4, 2005
Kuala Lumpur: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is closely monitoring the current issues faced by the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) with regard to the announcement of a Law by the Republic Parliament designating the FFIRI as a Non Government public body and prohibiting the engagement of retired personnel.

The FFIRI stresses that it is a non governmental Organisation and the AFC state that all Member Associations must fulfil their duties without any third party interference either from the Government or the Parliament.

The AFC is closely working with the FFIRI, whose current board was elected for four years in May 2016, to prevent any outside interference.

The AFC has a zero tolerance policy towards any third party interference in their Member Associations and hopes that, with less than two months to the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019, the FFIRI can maintain its independence and avoid any sanctions.
Feb 18, 2005
I had some respect for this guy ,but people change and so has he ,maybe times are hard for him and he has joined a gang of hyenas I don't know ...

All I know is Hajrezayee is airing bullshit and zer zer e moft , Taj is doing a good job considering all the obstacles .

Hajrezayee ! you have been involved with our football for 60 years ,when did you ever see our national team so formidable and consistent ?
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