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Jan 26, 2004
In football nothing is guaranteed. Its good to have dreams and hopes but NOTHING is given easily and you have to try harder and harder and take baby steps to get there. He plays the type of philosophy and psychology of doing the most basics with Iran and just staying at the basic and elementary level when it comes to expectations and results. He did the same exact thing before the world cup and I think as the coach he still sees Iran in the same type of manner specially with people just expecting a championship. Any notable pundit or sports analyst would say the same exact thing. Look at what happened at the WC with Croatia getting to the final and teams like Brazil and Germany being shit while Italy was not even there. This is your modern football. One wrong step such as red card against Iraq 4 years ago which for the most part had to do with bad luck cost us the games and we got kicked out despite being so good.

I see today's game as a warm up for Iran and the same can be said in regards to the Vietnam game. The real competition starts from the Iraq game going forward. Korea narrowly winning today 1-0 against Philippines and Australia losing to Jordan just shows how these tourneys can start and turn out to be. With mentality of Iranians and how Iranian psyche and psychology works I think CQ is the master psychologist to continue how he is guiding the ship. Very calmly and one step at a time.
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Feb 18, 2005
Its funny how they are using the wrong clubs to tee off. They need a wood. What type of Mickey Mouse golf club is this?
I always thought that I could do reasonably OK if I ever play golf, until I tried for the first time to hit the ball with the club and failed misrebly, so I don't blame them for being crap at golf, very difficult game.
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