Top 10 reasons the New York terrorists were not Iranian


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Oct 27, 2002
Over Here, you?
10. 8:45 is too early for most Iranians

9. Iranians are always late, they would've missed all 4 flights

8. Hot girls on the planes would distracted them

7. Once in the air, they would change their mind

6. Free alcohol on the plane, get it?

5. The suspected car found outside of Boston Airport would be a BMW not a

4. They would start taroofing with each other (Shoma beshinid, na, shoma
befarmaeed poshte havapeyma)

3. Talking behind each other's back would start a big fight on the plane

2. 18 Iranian men can never organize such a smooth attack

1. They would've been too busy fixing their hair in case they are captured
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Oct 1, 2004
Romira said:
LOL!!!!that's not true tho. most iranian men are bald! :) ;)
It's the damn testosterone I tell ya! Only people who I have seen have the same amount of bald people as us are Italians and Greeks.