Transfer News: Masoud Shojaei joins AEK Athens


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Oct 19, 2002
Good for him. He joined current runner-up Greek team AEK Athens.
His classy move was that he chose shirt #24 in memory of Hadi Norouzi.

سلام و عرض ادب خدمت هموطنان عزيز. خیلی خوشحالم که به باشگاه بزرگ آاک آتن پیوستم. شماره******های ٧ و٧٧ در اختیار سایر بازیکنان بود، باشگاه شماره 24 را به من پیشنهاد داد و با اميد به اینکه پس از ٢٤ سال بتوانيم قهرمان ليگ شويم اين شماره را انتخاب كردم. صادقانه می***گویم از این بابت هم که این شماره به زنده***یاد هادی نوروزی تعلق دارد و می***دانم چقدر یاد او برای هموطنانم عزیز است، احساس بهتری دارم. با تمام وجودم تلاش می***کنم که با پیراهن جدید، برای تحقق اهداف بزرگ باشگاهم در یونان و لیگ اروپا سهیم باشم




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Nov 24, 2002
He must retire himself soon and start his coaching carrier , how old is he now ? 34 ?
33, he is not that old and playing decent still, why should he retire? Just joined a greek top team which qualified from their group in EUROPA league.


Feb 5, 2014
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Niloufar joon he will make ok money but not great money. The Greek Super League is only ranked #21, one spot ahead of the MLS(USA). The average salary is only $145,000 pounds. BTW out of the unknowns, Russian Primer league pays you the most, that is why a few of our guys are there. You can make a nice living 900,000 playing in Russia. I think it is a good move and as Babr jan mentioned he is 34 so not too old. My guess is this will be his last contract, I do not know how long it is for. At least he did not sell out and go to some Arab country to collect a paycheck, he will be getting good coaching with AEK. Oh and I saw this on the legionnaire's thread but it's ok that happens to me from time to time, how can you know about every thread? For those of you who are interested, I provided a link by it shows the top countries where people get paid the most #1 is EPL of course, #2 Bundesliga and #34 is Nigeria. Since I like numbers check this crazy stat-The average EPL player makes over 2,273,000 pounds, the average Nigeria PFL player, makes 6,776. Talk about a difference in salaries! Masoud Shojaei will have a good home in A.E.K and I hope he enjoys his time in Hellas still better than playing in the IPL.

Bache Tehroon

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Oct 16, 2002
DarvAze DoolAb
And Coutinho to Barcelona ? Not sure why in January , Isn't he cup tied ?
Yes he is, but I say it's best to buy the guy now.

Coutinho is an expensive and highly wanted player. It's better to buy him right now when Barca have the money (from Neymar's sale), are leading the table, have a shot at Champions League and Messi/Suarez are still there. Next summer all that could change.

The inflation has run rampant and it's much better to buy players as soon as possible. Even the shittiest players are now priced higher than $10 million. That's just stupid.

If Coutinho keeps playing like this, he could be worth more than Neymar next summer. Agents have truly ruined football.