Trump is (soon to be WAS) the president

I honestly don't think you understand the left in the US. Your Hamas and Hizbollah comment is completely off topic and out of context, so I won't get into that.
Also, in Europe, what you refer to antisemitism by the left, is not a hatred of Jews. You are confusing Semitism with Zionism. Social liberals fight for liberty, equality and justice. Historically speaking, your argument has some merit but the current liberals have no resemblance to their predecessors of 50 years ago.
As conspiracy goes, of course there are some who believe in BS on both sides, but the scale is disproportionally tipped on the right by a huge factor.
Yes, and the ones who pretend to be anti-zionist, hide their hatred of Jews by pretending to "simply" oppose the policies of the state of Isreal. It doesn't wash I am afraid.

"Social liberals" you refer to like to think they fight for liberty. But they have also given us political correctness, a concept that has gone from applying wisdom to bullying and shutting down debate with anyone of opposing view, throwing around accusations of fascism and racism like confetti without having the slightest understanding of what those things mean. Funny thing is, these social justice warriors are composed of mainly white middle-class metropolitan kids who wouldn't survive a day outside their pampered comfort zone.
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This fucking crap-packer going down and that very bad!
What he is doing is the way you coming to a fresch poker table and start the game, you just keep shining, talk a load and do the monkey..... yeah it works a couple of hands, then they'll bust your tiny ass.
The fucker does the Netanyahu, lol....but he forgets that this is not isreal, THIS is US.
He will go down and when he does that I will be there pissing his face, darn its fun doing that under the hot sun when he is down crawling!

Meanwhile, I go Lou Reed "Take a walk on the Wild side" One of the best LP albums I've inherited!

Spot on hAjis, you spot-on....uhh…
See, I did find my footprint in this thread and its indeed spot-on by a hairbreadth!

However, it all amazes me why bunch’a hAjis still discussing this Baboon?
Come on, was it really the case that the suffragettes made the mountains fall for this orangian Baboon?
Well, it was not… IT WAS NOT!
I see the title of this thread changes from time to time, morning to evening, why not change the title to e.g.
"Under the orange skin", or "An own oval room", or "Small hands, big insights" hey ..... Why not "Grab'm all by Cocks"?

Y'all, lighten your corsets a bit, go on.... get out of your clueless slumber, its all over babies…its all over.
Right now, he certainly sits safely in his solitude, holding his "small-scale slim Jim" trying to get hard-on without any great success, while wondering "What the fuck, where did it go wrong"?


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Yes, and the ones who pretend to be anti-zionist, hide their hatred of Jews by pretending to "simply" oppose the policies of the state of Isreal. It doesn't wash I am afraid.
That is hearsay and completely unfounded.
Political correctness has gone too far and I agree with that. I also don't agree with the racist tagging of all trump supporters. That is flatly wrong. The problem with the right is that all populist movements have an element of racism as part of their appeal, so it is easy to fall into the trap to label all their supporters as racists. However, you can argue that those supporting the populist agendas, have no empathy, no understanding of the collective society and have forgotten what it means to be human. They might not be racists per se, but they are supporting a racist agenda.


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Oct 23, 2003
Georgia has finished its statewide audit of the razor-thin presidential race and President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump, according to a news release from the Secretary of State's office.
Biden beat Trump by 12,284 votes, according to the final results from the audit. This is a slight drop for Biden compared to the pre-audit results.
Officials have said repeatedly that the audit confirmed there was no widespread fraud or irregularities in the election.
Georgia is required under state law to certify its election results by Friday.
There is no state where the sting of Trump's loss has been more acutely felt than in the red state of Georgia.
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