Trump is the president


Feb 5, 2014
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^^Which is why I seldom discuss politik with irooni and take a look at my background Slava and yes dude I read Das Kapital and Manifesto. I am not a commie or a Nazi I am a political independent but Obama brought this on himself straight up. This is why I normally stick with fuBall and Music and discuss with my Slava girls on FB, Bavarian whatever, Irooni are too emotional, when it comes to politik, disagree and you are every obscenity in the book. Just saying btw Check out my DDR nostalgia section on the thread, you were one person that popped into my head, maybe you can answer some questions, we can just keep it sports related, trust. So ya when you are in a two party system, unlike Europe when you have a gagillion parties to pick, you pick the lesser of the two evils. Hillary = Obama 2.0 prost and btw check out the music thread put a lot of Slava folk music there, I think you will appreciate. I have a policy to only discuss politics, with people from even keeled cultures ie German,Nord, Slav etc, more tolerant. Iranian, Italian Spanish etc HELL NO! Prost(Bavarian bier)
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Jan 1, 1970
They simply dont get it because they are not literate about these issues. They never cared to read about socialism, the level of their knowledge about "left" is very low and is based on cheap political propaganda rather than deep and substantial literacy. The leftiest of the left for a lot of americans was Obama which always made me laugh because it would be a blasphemy for any literate or dedicated socialist. lol
After the political crack down of communists and leftist in the USA, the left basically became nonexistent on the US political map. There is no such a
think like "left" in the US anymore.
Its sooo funny and at the same time sooo sad to see what kind of a society is ruling the world...i dont even have to click on that tube video. The first look at the picture on that video clip alone, made me laugh. The level of political literacy specially among the US people is horribly low.

On that picture above, you see a guy saying bye bye supposedly to the "leftists". The guy is leaving the pack and now when i look at those symbols kept high by the so called leftist pack, i see the symbols of islam, christianity, judaism, korean buddhism, and peace!!! I mean any semi literate person would have to ask himself: WTF? What does islam, christianity, judaism, buddhism or peace anything to do with socialism, communism (=leftism)?
After watching the video i still had to say: WTF?! What exactly is this guy trying to say and why is he throwing around with terms like progressive, regressive, lefty, liberal, democrat, although he is just explaining a simple thing? Why is he making use of all those terms although he obviously doenst know shit about their meanings? Its so hillarious to see how many americans try to decorate themselves with terms and words that they simply dont understand. Terms they use just in order to come across knowledgable. I mean what does it mean "i am not a democrat, i am liberal"? loooooooool. I would like to ask this alpha moron: What the heck is wrong with being a democrat? Being a democrat is a good thing, only because your democratic party and the so called democrats in the US are no democrats in reality but just on paper and in words, it doesnt mean the term "democrat" changes its true meaning aswell! Only because US so called democrats like Carter, Clinton, Obama...have been either islam loving or war mongering assholes, starting offensive wars on so many countries and regions disregarding the basics of the term "democrat" it doesnt mean the term is a bad term. It just means those so called democrats are no democrats. Everything is gharashmish among americans, the democrat is no democrat, the liberal is no true liberal, their so called lefties are actually capitalist-opportunists and according to the true meaning of the terms, actually as right as it gets. In the US there is just right and right from right and those standing right from right, consider those who are just right, communists!

This is why i say the majority of americans and the mamal emrikaii, not only dont know shit about the term leftist, they dont know shit about many other terms they throw around with like noghl o nabaat either. Liberal, democrat, republican, left, right, socialist, communist....Obama was branded a socialist or even communist by a lot illiterate americans! I mean Karl Marx would turn himself in the grave if he could see what people are called socialist or communist nowadays :)
very well said! people should first read Marx and how he predicted everything that is now a problem with labor in western societies over 140 years ago and all the problems existing in the US in the rust belt, and then come up with labels about any of these morons being left or Marxist or what not. They can't distinguish historical materialism from H&M.


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Jan 1, 1970
Most of the mainstream media engages in identity politics regarding egalitarian values - this is cultural marxism.
No, it's not.

Case in point: Netanyahu engages in identity politics as well and is not a marxist or cultural marxist. Grade F. Sit down! Thanks!

I don't have to find an article by the editorial board of NYT to reflect something Adorno has said.
You have to, because you claim the main stream media are cultural marxists, a term described for followers of the Frankfurt School historically. Either you have proof or you don't. If you don't have, then STFU.

The irony is, I didn't even have to search long:

What he espouses in this piece are fabrications based on politically correct hysteria re Trump based on gender, race and income. I will let you break it down yourself where he says that because if you can't recognise where he is doing it then I may as well be talking to a wall. In this article he is saying: don't worry that Clinton was caught cheating in the nominations or that she deleted 33,000 emails, AFTER she got subpoenaed; she is better than the racist, rich, sexist, idiot called Trump, so vote for her instead. :8:

You are hanging yourself up on Clinton vs. Trump vs. Sanders etc. I frankly don't care about this stuff. I see Trump as a continuation of 40-50 years US policy by various presidents. He is not worse, he is not better. He is pretty much the same. I'm not bothered by him being president. Ask BT. Me and him had arguments on Facebook with others about this. I also haven't posted any negative comment about Trump on ISP as far as I remember, so this is pretty much irrelevant to me. Clinton would have been the same as Trump in pretty much most cases, just catering to a different part of US society, but not solving any of the problems the US has in terms of economy, labor, society etc. So frankly, I don't care.

The article you posted has nothing to do either with cultural marxism. It's just another shit editorial by a shit writer.

All you have to do is look around, it's everywhere and it is unabashed. Meryl Streep doesn't get up talking absolute rubbish, and the media doesn't paint Trump out as a racist, homophobe, anti-semite, etc, if they weren't concerned with identity politics. We are now debating what is in front of our very eyes
Meryl Streep. LOL! Who gives a shit about Meryl Streep? What is this? TMZ? Boro jamesh kon bache. Kosse Naneye Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep is an entertainer. Why should I give a fuck about her?

BTW, speaking of NYT, before the election they were predicting Clinton's winning odds at 92%. Ninety-two-fucking-percent.
That is not news. That is propaganda.


Taleb destroyed all the forecasters before the election in this article and other posts. forecasting 538.nb.pdf

you need to know math to understand it though. LOL.


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Oct 18, 2010
iran honors trump by giving him his very own special exhibit.
they opened the first 'trumpism cartoon contest' in tehran today.


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Feb 4, 2005
iran honors trump by giving him his very own special exhibit.
they opened the first 'trumpism cartoon contest' in tehran today.

Stupid coming from apes who won't tolerate jack.