Trump WAS the president

Oct 18, 2002
San Diego, California
I believe that most Americans agreed with majority of Trump's policies such as his stance against China, NATO and his toughness with illegal immigration.
The problem with Trump was always his persona and his mannerism.
His egocentric and narcissistic behavior made him the president in the first place, however, his insistence to act like a complete moron and his failure to be even remotely presidential cost him his downfall. One can only take so much of that bullshit before saying enough is enough.
I know several diehard Trump supporters who would openly admit that he is a jerk and an asshole, but to them, his policies were enough to keep him in the office.
In the end, he alienated too many people with his theatrics, constant non-sense, tweets and rudeness. Amazing that he just couldn't see the signs coming, specially when most of his closest allies threw in the towel and quit his administration. The writings were all on the wall for him.

In my opinion, the president of the US represents much more than policies. He needs to project leadership, be tough when needs to be, but also be a good politician who understands that not all battles can be won with sword. That was never Trump. He ultimately didn't have what it takes to be a President. The lack of moral character and empathy, his narcissism and his love for praise and loyalty are all shared traits with most third-world countries dictators. Americans experimented with him for one term and most realized their mistake.
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All he had to do was be nicer to liberal media. That would've guaranteed him a 2nd term. He had all the right ideas and even the right level of narcissism/craziness to satisfy people's thirst for drama. He just didn't have any politics in him. None whatsoever. He was good for the world. His desire to make his country a better place can't be denied or questioned. He wasn't patient and willing to compromise enough.
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I think Ivanka Trump will run for presidency ... just wait and see ...
She might but this is Kamala's decade. The downward spiral will persist for a while. The next US recession may be quite catastrophic. It's only then that more people will support protectionist policies. Until then, it's just print money and save the climate using diversity and taxes.
Oct 18, 2010
the ghost of trump lives on with 'fake news' :ROFLMAO:

Twitter suspends Iran top leader's account over Trump threat

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Twitter said on Friday that it had permanently banned an account connected to the office of Iran’s supreme leader, shortly after the account posted a photo showing former President Donald Trump playing golf in the shadow of a giant drone.

In response to a request for comment from The Associated Press, a Twitter spokesman said that the tweet had violated the company’s “abusive behavior policy,” and that the account had violated its “manipulation and spam policy, specifically the creation of fake accounts,” without elaborating.

Other accounts thought to be tied to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s office remained active.
Jan 26, 2006
twitter suspends iran's leader account after his account posted
this poster with 'revenge is certain' caption.

Now trump and the top moola are both banned by twitter :ROFLMAO:
I still don't know what your intention is here? You know better than anyone that @khamenei_site is not iran's leader so what do you gain by this?

Trump and IR were a gift for each other, and in particular each other's misinformation campaigns.
Jan 26, 2006
Trump has clearly won this. I don't know why he used the word "fraud" when he's winning. I think the guy is absolutely exhausted from all the campaigning and really wanted the election to be called tonight.

He's fine. He's won this.

4 more years of sanity. That's good. All you that were hoping for a Biden win, try to see the good in this loss and please also try to understand why Trump keeps getting votes and support. No it's not just racists and uneducated people. It's a lot more than that.

Good outcome for the world.
Is this the same cognitive dissonance that Playboy has, or are they both trolling?
Jan 26, 2006
I dont get it, so those who support Trump because he is going to get rid of IR, who wants to bet with me? Akhoonds are going to be there in 4 years. Also, I bet you anything, Trump (if elected) going to make a deal with Akhoonds.
Man i kinda wish this happened so that people could realise that Trump or Biden makes NO DIFFERENCE for IR.