UFC 229 LIVE McGregor vs Khabib Live Stream

Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
Let me say as many other said directly after the fight;
This fake Pikey get what he deserved, that little bitch, you need to walk the walk, if you take the talk!
...and "Well Done hAji hhabib", for you'r a bloody fucking idiot. McGregor still has the belt..... LOL

McGregor by the way (he aint no pure Pikey caravan-dweller, he acts more like a fuckin ape-brit) he's been allowed to mistreat other fighters, now hAji khabib finishes the ape-brit and that is not allowed. What a fuckin circus tent....ey!!

McGregor is a disgrace to MMA alongside the UFC, hAji khabib AKA Putin's runboy was pushed to far, the industry allowed McGregor to destroy the last of it's class for entertainment value, fuck'm all!



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Jan 26, 2004
btw did you watch the Co main event ? Pettis vs Ferguson? what a fight that was ...

For me that was the best fight of the night. What a beating they both took and really got at each other. The difference between those guys and Khabib and McGregor is that those guys are strikers as where in this Khabib fight he took McGregor to the ground every time and just wore him out super tired and finally choked his ass out. I liked how he finished him but that was some pure bad sportsmanship at the end of the fight. I've seen numerous videos on fights that happened outside that night of drunk guys going at it and some getting knocked out pretty badly.
Feb 4, 2005
This Conor guy is an idiot (albeit making millions) for first entering a boxing match against a boxing champ and last week going agains a real wrestler thinking he had a chance. Hardobar bega raft but of ourse made tons of cash.
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Jan 26, 2004
Guys this whole thing is about publicity and money. Now honestly you have to be so dumb to pay so much to watch McGregor fight Floyd which was more like a show (I did watch it but my friend had paid and had a party) and he actually went this time to ring side and paid something like 3500 to watch this fight. All these guys care about is money and granted McGregor is a big trash talker but that's what appeals to angry white guys and I don't know how many of you actually went to a bar to watch this but some places would not even show it because the crowd gets rawdy and the amount of fan base and money involved is just crazy when it gets to these big fights which in reality some of them are not as big as they portrait them to be even at level of Khabib Floyd or McGregor Floyd which was a shit show. During this whole publicity stunt Putin puts a political one deep in too which was funny actually and gave it some character in my opinion!


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Well Mahdi I don't know about all of that I would call him Greatest in his DIVISION of all time.
There have been some GREAT fighters. Kazushi Sakuraba aka the Gracie Killer, what was amazing is
he was a chain smoker. I would call him the Greatest of his division but time will tell if he will go down as the GOAT.
He might be a cheater but John Bones Jones is no slouch, I want to see what he does in the Heavyweight division.
I think we need to wait 4-5 years after Khabib's career is over, see what other fighters can do and THEN
call him the GOAT. I will say this he is the greatest BJJ practitioner of all time.