Volleyball League of Nations 2019


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
In the start of the FIVA tournament, you have good teams like the six who made ttand you have some crappy ones. Now it is in Chicago and all of the heavyweights are left. Something those teabaggers say that is true is the cream always rises to the top and you have USA, France, Russia, Poland, Brazl and Iran. BTW about 8 years ago Cuba won the world championships but most of their players defected to Brazl and Italy. That is one reaosn why Brazil is so good, plus they have their players. Anyways we hanged with Brazl, got a point and have beaten Poland before but it won't be easy because both teams are excellent. Here we go now it's getting good, get the popcorn ready, for those of you in Chigago, enjoy the show.

Kian Pars

Bench Warmer
Dec 9, 2005
Somehow I think Brasil-Poland result was best what Iran could expect. Both teams lost some sets, that will count down the road. Hopefully they win with least amount of sets to loose today.