What did we learn from this game?

Oct 20, 2002
Well some of these are just pointing out the obvious:

1- Korea has a better football than Iran in all departments.

2- Ali Daie has a long way to go to become a GOOD coach.

3- Hashemian has connection in the government, otherwise his useless presence for 90 mins and also in TM in the ast 4 years is unexplainable.

4- Only in iran, a player doesn't get invited for many years and when he does he plays all the games for 90 mins regardless of his effectivness.

5- We were hiding a gem for years and saved him for this big game. His name is Akbapour! We didn't play him in earlier and easier games so the surprize is not ruined.

6- Shojaie, even though a very good player, but very ineffective 50% of the time. Despite that he didn't deserve to be subbed out when players like Hashemian and Bagheri were still playing.

7- The closer we get to the WC, the more we feel the absence of someone like Karimi. He would have been useful at least as a sub.

8- Last night the best players were the younger and newer ones. The most disappointing were Hashemian, Bagheri, and to some extent Kaebi.

9- We waited for 87 mins to realize Hasmeian is useless and brought in Borhani (when he should have come after Iran's goal to use him in counter attacks).. reason behind that? no one knows!
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