What happened to General Badrei?

Jun 18, 2005
I was looking back into the events of Bahman 1357 and never got a satisfying answer on what happened to General Badrei the head of Imperial Guards. He was not happy with the declaration of neutrality by the army and had long had plans in place to circumvent Bakhtiar and Gharebaghi to lead a coup attempt. I believe he was held up in the Lavizan barracks but his plans were communicated by spies in his office to the revoloutionary camp. Some suggest he had artillery facing Tehran's TV and radio plus Alavi school from the overlooking mountains. The day after 22 Bahman he had plans to lead a coup starting from Southern Iran but then he died. The regime that parades itself in stories about the revolution hardly mentions him and his death has become a mystery. Some say he was killed while on board atank and another suggests he was shot dead in his office. Does anyone else know?