What was the reason behind terrorists attack on noonvaee in Iraq?

Jan 26, 2005
I am absolutely appalled why terrorist chose a noonvaee as their target in Iraq today. Several innocent people, including shotter and some waiting to buy bread, were murdered in cold blood. Does this mean that the next targets for these animals are going to be ghasabi and halim pazi?


Bench Warmer
Feb 6, 2005
It's disturbing and appaling, is not it? It's sad to see innocent people die every day in Iraq.
American army's action aside, these rootless, violent, blood thirsty bastards have been targeting defenseless people all along.
I do not know who has claimed respossibility for it, but it shows how coward and inhumane their actions are. It goes to show Fundamentalism, whether in Shiaa or Sunni or Christian or Jewish form is the most immediate danger that today's world, speacially Middle East, is facing.