When you thought it could not get worse in Iran...We now have "Sabade Kala"

Jun 18, 2005
Well shit is hitting the fan in Iran. Rouhani's government is distributing crappy food among the folks below the poverty line all over Tehran. People have to stand in line for hours for some berenje hendi and what I have posted below. Even more alarming is the government's inability to fund some of its projects. Rouhani's government has halted a missile drill that was about to take place and denied funding the project. lol. Kafgir khorde be tahe dig! The government is not even able to provide any form of funding to Esteghlal or Perspolis and their players are going on strike. Those sanctions are really showing their impacts right now.

This is Iran folks, where your country men shy away from the camera while standing in a food distribution line.



Football Legend
Sep 29, 2005
Take it from a professional. put some yogurt mixed with some red wine in the last stage of cooking rice and you'll have the ultimate yummy tah dig.
This is how our people like it and this is how the regime stays in power. You throw a a few crumbs in front of a hungry person and they will love you.

This regime knows its people so well. Irani ro goshne negah daar o hokoomat kon.