Who is the best team in the NCAA this year (Basketball)


News Team
Oct 18, 2002
Who would you say is the best team this year?

I like how North Carolina plays, i really like their style. May is a good inside player and you have Rashard McCants on the outside draining the Threes. Not to mention, McCants can get in the post and put up some points too.

I like Syracuse too, but i dont think they are the best, i just like Hakim Warrick, and since Carmelo went there :D

Maryland is really dissipointing me this year. Although they are still really young, and their star defender (D.J. Strawberry) is out for the season, they should have preformed really well. Beating Duke TWICE! but then losing to Clemson twice? This team really brings it one game and then is absolutly out of it another game. Gilchrist is my favorite player on the Terps, but I think he really needs to keep them in the game. He is a great leader, but he has to take those shots, and dish out those assist, just as he did in the Duke game. In other games, he barely scores... He started the season putting 20+ points a night for a number of games...

Anyways, im babbling too much, i want to hear who you like...

Plus, there are many teams i think that should be at number 1, i chose NC cause im a ACC person :D


Bench Warmer
Nov 10, 2003
San Jose State!!!!! lol, no.. i like N. Carolina!! but i have a feeling that Duke is going to win it this year...