Who's the best tennis player in history (without being biased)

Who's the best tennis player in history?

  • Roger Federer

    Votes: 8 61.5%
  • Novak Djokovic

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rafael Nadal

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Andre Agassi

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Pete Sampras

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Bjorn Borg

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Boris Becker

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • John MacEnroe

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other (please specify)

    Votes: 1 7.7%

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Feb 18, 2005
Without being biased, what do you think?
I am not sure if he was the best but for me with my limited knowledge he was the best ...the cool Swede Bjorn Borg ,as a teenager I always wanted to copy his cool acts and impeccable manners in the sport arena .

He was the reason I started following tennis on TV and started learning to play and even become a member of a tennis club , 5 times Wimbledon champion and a real gentleman .
The modern athlete is vastly superior. In terms of technique, physique and dependability no one in history can match Roger Federer. He's pretty much as "perfect" as a tennis player has been.

Nadal's stamina and passion surely destroyed Federer's seemingly invincible status. Nadal had to work twice as hard to keep up with someone like Federer, but again, efficiency is a factor and Federer is the most efficient tennis player in history.
Nov 10, 2002
Nadal, Jokovic and Federer are the best.

Nadal plays a very injury prone style but if he is on his best game, nobody can beat him. I still think he will win more grand slams than Federer.
Feb 4, 2005
Voted for Sampras only because I'm biased as he is from our neighborhood. His sister in law is my daughter's teacher too. A great humble guy.


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Oct 12, 2011
Havent watched much Tennis in the past few years due to
lack of talents and characters in the game. As an example
a player like Andy Murray wouldn’t even get into top 10
In the mid 90’s. The standard is not what it used to be.

Best players ever:
On Clay surface is Rafael Nadal just ask Rodger Federer.
On Grass and hardcore surfaces, Pete Sampras.
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Oct 18, 2002
Here is an interesting video on all head to head match points between Federer and Nadal:



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Oct 18, 2002
Here is another one for Agassi and Sampras:



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Oct 18, 2002
Here is an old charity double between all 4 of them: :)



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Oct 22, 2016

Ahhh Tennis, so much to play, so little time.

In the old days no matter how much you prayed, McEnroe could not lose. I think Federer is likable player and Nadal superior at times. I was also following Chilean Gonzales for a while, he did fade.
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Jan 1, 1970
what does without being biased mean? read Immanuel Kant. Every human being is biased. LOL.

Anyway, Federer. Anyone who votes anything but Federer is a biased nostalgist. LOL.


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Although I would LOVE to vote for the Slava, Novak Djokovic but I will vote for Roger Federer. Heck for all I know his parents could be Slava and they immigrated to Switzerland, same as the Zlatan Ibrahimovich situation. Anyways &K brings up a good point, Roger Federer was a likeable guy, on the opposite end of that was bitch made McEnAsshole and Agasi. Of coruse they weren't liked for different reasons. I also agree with Bache Tehroom, the modern athlete is physically superior to the athlete of the past. It is the same thing when people try to debate basketball Jordan or LeBron. Well if you go by just the stats then Jordan but if you go by measurable like pure athleticism a 6'8 260 pound guy who can run like a point guard or NFL running back, then LeBron. There is going to be a tennis player twenty years from now or a basketball player and he will be physically superior to Federer or LeBron. It is just apart of the cycle as every generation passes the technology get's better, the facilities get improved, medicine improves, the doctors can better treat you. Back in the day if you tore your ACL, like when Magic and Jordan or McEnroe, Agasi or Sampras played, your professional career was pretty much over. Also, I have no idea who Mansour Bahrami is but sounds like he was a phenom. Well these things happen there is a generation of American and Russian athletes who never got their shot in the Olympics back in the 80s.