Why irib not showing Folad games?


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Mar 24, 2003
I am so mad,

They prefer to show some borring football, but not showing the IPL's No 1 team games??!!!

Folad games shows only when they plays SS or PP.

Our footboll is "doghotbi" and alwas will remain "doghotbi"
Oct 18, 2002
Antelope Valley,California
When Sepahan won the league, the following season some of their games were shown.
This year , all we saw of defending champions ,pas, at ipl were games against pespes and blues.
IRIB ke delesh be hale football va IPL nasokhte. They just want to attract some viewers via football and sports. luong and blue seem to have most fan base , hence better promotion/propagnda possibilty for IRIB.
Oct 20, 2003
I am not sure if anything will change anytime soon, as long as Esteghlal and Perspolis fans base remains the same. The two Tehrani clubs’ fans still outnumber all other IPL teams combined. If Foulad continues its successful trend, it may change the fan base in the next few years. I think Foulad I gaining ground even outside Khuzestan with its beautiful attacking style of football.
I wish they will show games between quality teams in IPL not Esteghlal v Pegah or Perspolis v Peykan.

Bache Tehroon

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Oct 16, 2002
DarvAze DoolAb
It takes constant failure by Esteghlal and Perspolise in order to have any significant changes in the distribution of support among IPL teams.

I'm not sure if the current downhill progress of both teams will continue, but I believe it can do some good for our football despite the temporary depression some fans may experience.
Jan 29, 2004
Becasue Perspolis and Esteghlal have a lot more fans than Foolad. I for one want them to continue showing the blue and red games for 2 reasons. The pitch in Azadi is great when they play at home, the camera work is professional in Tehran. But all the sharestani teams, to a lesser extent the Isfahani teams, have terrible pitches and very bad coverage of the game. I hate it when these teams play on the road as the coverage is real bad.
A good compromise is to show red and blue games when they paly at home and Foolad, Zoobahan games when they play in Tehran. That way at least we get decent coverage of the games every week.