World Cup 2018 Knock-Out stage, updates, news & results !!!


IPL Player
Oct 18, 2010
the upper side of bracket is so loaded on paper.
but who knows the winner may come from
the lower side.i am getting a feeling it will be
a team that has never won it before.


IPL Player
Oct 30, 2002
I predict France, Brasil, Croatia, and Sweeden in semi and Croatia vs. Brasil in the final and Croatia will win the final.
Feb 4, 2005
I still go with Brazil Spain in final but I really hope to see a new champion (Croatia or Uruguay disregarding the two times they won 80 years ago). Unfortunately Messi with this Argentina is not going to win it.


National Team Player
Jun 3, 2006
Which one of these is more likely?
Ronaldo vs Messi, Ronaldo vs Griezmann, Suarez vs Messi, or Suarez vs Griezmann? La Liga top guns!
Feb 18, 2005
Don't underestimate Belgium, they play good football and are packed with stars from goalie to forward.
I expected them to beat England, even if both played with full line up.
England has got the easiest route, they are very happy Germany are out.
The only team worth betting to beat the Belgians is perhaps Brazil, others have to be at their best to have a chance.

Did anyone see the save from Coetuoa?
Awesome! 😍


National Team Player
Oct 18, 2002
Each World Cup has a dark horse that ends up third or fourth. This year there are a few that can do it. England has the easy bracket, I think they have a very good chance reaching the final. Argentina and Sweden come off of an emotional high and I see them win at least the next match. Uruguay can go far and may be the dark horse. Spain has looked horrible. They won’t go far passed Russia. Croatia will go far, but not to the final.
No team has a dominant midfielder. A few teams have great finishers who have been lackluster. I have a feeling it would be England vs Not sure final.