World Cup 2018 Knock-Out stage, updates, news & results !!!

May 9, 2004
ژاپن اشتباه بزرگی کرد وقتی بعد از گل دوم نکشید عقب
اگر این کار رو میکرد بازی رو نمی باخت
نمی دونم چرا مربی بجای اینکه دفاع رو تغییر بده خط حمله وارد میکرد !!!ا
حتی روی گل سوم همه ژاپنی ها وقتی کرنر شد اومدن تو زمن بلژیک و همین باعث شد که گل سوم رو دریافت کنند
خیلی شجاعانه جنگیدند ولی بشکلی احمقانه
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Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
My absolute favorites TeamMeli and Die Mannschaft gone (course the Russian left...but thy have not convinced), now the Belgian team will take home the "ALLES". Ende gut alles gut!
The goalie "Thibaut Courtois" reminds me of TeamMeli's hero goalie.......

............ and of course the shining star of the team "Romelu Lukaku".

Goooooooooooooo Belgium.....gooooooooooo!
Fuck the fucking UK-tea-bag jagoffs!!
I liked this a lot...
Red boys slapped the blue ones damn nice! :)
Who is this boss coach Martinez, what a winner substitution, Fellaini and Chadli... what a come back, sweet!!!
Now I have 5 of 6, jagoffs Croats ruined it for me.

Axel Witsel......afro-haircut, nice... I like! (y)

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Aug 17, 2003
I'm all for good attacking game but god damn you got to watch the defense too.
na beh Iran constantly defending with 11 players, na beh Japan constantly attacking with 11.
I have a friend who has a Japanese wife and lived in Japan for many years and according to him because of their culture the Japanese players didn't know how to fake an injury to get free kicks and fouls from their opponents and their players had to be sent to special classes just so they could learn how to fake dive and fall to get fouls. I think we saw that same culture of "fighting with honor" and not killing time get the best of them today. :-(


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Oct 18, 2010
japan got this far because the rest of the world have not figure out
how to play them asia most teams know how to play them and
get results.
i am baffled why teams like poland,senegal or belgium did not use their
aerial advantage against the shorter japan side more explicitly.there is
no need to get cute and fancy when you have a basic way to attack.
this is why iran is more successful against japan than most other asian
or non-asian teams.they just use the brute force method of sending crosses
into the box and exploiting their aerial superiority to score against them.


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Oct 18, 2002
Great game by Japan. I think, knowing they were out of gas, it made sense to go for it in the regular time. Had the game gone to extra time, they would have given up a basket of goals.
Nov 29, 2002
Listening to the podcasts today, seems like the Japanese media were at first very delighted with getting to second round, then they started processing the international criticism about the last 15 minutes of the japan-poland game, comments about the gamesmanship of Japan and "lack of football spirit" etc....

I think there seems to have been pressure for them to play a "good football game" rather than results orientated football, which turned out to bite them in the end.

In summary, screw what the world thinks of you. Only results matter.

All hail CQ.
Oct 18, 2002
So you rather go out in group stage games than almost knocking out one of the best teams of tournament in Round of 16 ?
"IF" Iran did what Japan was doing, I promise you, we would make it out of that group, 100%.
I am all for iran playing attacking football. however you can't start that in WC. this generation of iranian players with the exception of Jahanbakhsh really lack technical finesse that 1998 or 2006 had. so you go to WC with the team you have. the Team you have is a group of physically strong guys who are disciplined and good in the air. so that's why you saw so much direct play from ian.

Iran can not play Transition football like Japan. if we had that ability we would have tried against Uzbakistan, South korea and other team in Asia.