World-cup 2018 , QF, SF and Final ( News , Results and updates )


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Oct 18, 2010
i pick russia from the bottom half to be in the final.
they are playing at home and got putin and trump
on their side.


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Mar 27, 2005
yeah Russia has a chance. None of the teams on that side are scary.. England was lucky today so anything could happen.

Kian Pars

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Dec 9, 2005
None of the 4 teams (RUS, CRO,ENG,SWE) could even dream of being in the final. CRO could be in the final, but what do I know? (only 8 points in predictions in the round of 16)
I have to say any of the other 4 teams could beat the last 4 I mentioned.


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Oct 18, 2002
With Mohammed (perhaps a few), Moses (Ahmed Musa), and Jesus (Jesús, more than one), all out of the tournament, now only God knows who will win.
Likes: Farz


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Nov 24, 2002
Ovechkin bringing Stanley Cup to World Cup
Capitals star to let fans take pictures with trophy at soccer tournament @NHL
6:52 AM

The Stanley Cup is going to the World Cup, thanks to Alex Ovechkin.
The Washington Capitals forward said on Instagram that he would bring the Stanley Cup to Moscow on Saturday for a public viewing before Russia plays Croatia in a World Cup quarterfinal game.
"Dear friends, I'll be happy to see those of you willing to take a picture with the Stanley Cup! See you there!" Ovechkin said in the post.
Ovechkin arrived in Russia last week after several event-filled days in Washington celebrating the championship the Capitals won June 7 with a five-game victory against the Vegas Golden Knights. Ovechkin, who won the Conn Smythe Trophy as most valuable player of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, had 27 points (15 goals, 12 assists) in 24 postseason games. It was the first title for Ovechkin since he joined the NHL for the 2005-06 season after being selected No. 1 in the 2004 NHL Draft.
He spent Sunday at the World Cup, joining several other Russia-born NHL players, for the host country's Round of 16 game against Spain. Russia won on penalty kicks after the game ended 1-1 after extra time.
The trip to Russia will be the latest headline-grabbing appearance with the Stanley Cup for Ovechkin, who spent several days toting it around Washington, including a parade that ended with a celebration on the National Mall, a ceremonial first pitch at a Washington Nationals game, a swim in a city fountain, and a slow dance with the Cup at a team party.


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Jun 3, 2006
Uruguay is not the same without Cavani, what a huge miss. It won't change much how Uruguay would plays though. On the other hand Matuidi is a huge miss for France, he is their engine!


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Oct 18, 2002
I am not as excited about the upcoming matches as I was in previous World Cups. I am concerned with the dirty plays and theatricals. You touch a players rib cage and they show pain of broken ribs that have punctured the lungs. Before each corner or free kick, there is a wrestling match in the box. Sickening. Use the damn technology and ban players that do this. Clean this crap out.