world junior chess championship


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Oct 18, 2010
18 year old iranian wins it for the first time ever with a round
to spare.this guy must be really really good.he got a huge head.

Round 10: We Already Have A Champion: Parham Maghsoodloo!

And what a champion he is! The unstoppable Maghsoodloo pulled off his trick again and simply outclassed his strong opponent to win the championship with a round to spare. It wouldn’t even matter if there were two more rounds actually since with 9,5 points he is two full points ahead of his closest followers. Time to call him the “Maghician from Persia” perhaps? Anyway it’s sure that we’re facing a big talent here and he’s definitely one of the main candidates in the world now to enter the superelite in near future. Even Carlsen himself would find it not so easy to match or surpass Maghsoodloo’s score in this championship. A proud moment for Maghsoodloo and his country Iran. Although the coach Ivan Sokolov predicted that 2020 will be the year of Iranian National Team, perhaps even this year in Batumi Maghsoodloo & co. will compete for top places!
Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
He is a the new WORLD Juniors CHAMP and he is 17 years old, what a little fella, I saw his whole interview with that funny indian reporter...hilarious fella!

Indian reporter: Do you have a girlfriend?
The Champ: ehhhh....of course not!
Indian reporter: Why, why of course not?
The Champ: because this very strong for me...:)

Damn right bro, dat'right.... its bloody "very strong for me too" to keep a dam girlfriend nowadays, its almost impossible!