Writing on eskenas!!

Jan 23, 2003
Another way of mobarezeh I just heard people are doing is writing anti-government slogans on money notes.

I think its a good idea and there isnt much they can do about it, or will make life difficult.

Had you guys heards of this?


Bench Warmer
Aug 9, 2004
Oh, yeah, I've heard that from several different people in Tehran. Many people are doing that: this was an interesting story I read a couple of days ago:

مرسی هوش ایرانی
الان یک سری اسکناس دو هزار تومنی دست من هست، که روی آن «پرینت» شده: رای من کجاست؟ ور ایز مای وت؟ و یا حسین میرحسین!

فارسی ها با فونت نستعلیق پرینت شده اند و من به هوش هموطنان خود ایمان آورده ام. مرسی کلاً