Yasin Salmani


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Jan 29, 2021
In league full of expired and old players such as Jalal Hosseini, 40,(despite being still decent), Pereira of foolad, 39, Shahbazzadeh, Ghazi, Khalatbari, Shojaei, Hajsafi, Kiani, Dejagah, etc it is good a coach finally trust a young kid and give him a mission and he plays a key role in team success.
Yasin Salmani, 19 years old, of Sepahan, CAM, big guy, 6'02, who has been playing 90 minutes for Sepahan in all of their matches in last month or so. Too early to jump into the conculsion but it is great to see such a talent in a position that National Team suffer the most.

Keep it up kid...

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Sep 26, 2004
It's hard to get hyped about Irani prospects these days until they move to the Portuguese or Belgian leagues.

Just joking, hopefully the kid can develop into a good player.
Feb 4, 2005
Good player but he hasn't played a full game until maybe today. He has had minimum playing time but has been effective in all games he was subbed in (2 goals and one assist).