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    لجن زاری به نام جمهوری اسلامی

    Shame... Some people are more conflicted about issues of ethics vs success vs pride.
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    Religion Do you ever feel a strong emotional bond to someone? (alive or dead......)

    Due to his own family tragedy, he wasn't too keen on suicide. As someone with a brain, he was disgusted with the corruption of entities like the EU, without wanting to commit geo-political and economic suicide by leaving it based on ethno-nationalist whims. Pretty sure he wouldn't be keen on...
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    Brexit negotiations ... disaster looming in the horizon.

    After RT about Turkey and TRT about China, Cycle completes when Farage goes on CCTV and talks about Russia, lol Who the fuck is hoodwinked by this charlatan, and this Brexshit garbage? As in, how stupid can people be...?
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    Religion Do you ever feel a strong emotional bond to someone? (alive or dead......)

    Pretty sure Christopher wasn't too keen on populism and personality cults... You must practice some Olympian-level doublethink to prefer Christopher, given his stance on ethno-nationalism, to Peter.. Christopher was always proud about how he was viewed by the likes of Maggie and for him...
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    Favourite music band/group/song

    OK thats better than just hammering keys with no subtlety, no class. But why mess with a classic? Just leave it as it is.....
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    Favourite music band/group/song

    I like piano covers of songs. All she is doing is smashing the keys like crazy and wiping out the meaning and the atmosphere of a classic. She's got nice legs though. Seems like a lot of the commenters are keen on her pins and that's fair enough. It's a talent too. What is it with this...
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    Favourite music band/group/song

    This is genuinely awful in a kind of egalitarian way - like she is shitting on both Waters and Gilmour, equally aggressively. So that both their ears bleed. So fucking bad. What the fuck happened to art which just didn't deserve this How, and why, has this happened?
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    Religion Do you ever feel a strong emotional bond to someone? (alive or dead......)

    Christopher Hitchens for me... I'm not a hardcore atheist more agnostic/protest atheist) but I respect ANY ONE who can argue like him against organised religion in this way.... Don't know if a single person on this forum would ever feel the same but that's life (BTW Not his weaselly...
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    Adam Curtis's Can't Get you Out of My Head

    240 views, but I doubt there's an impact on a single person sadly Armchair trader in Toronto - this isn't going to have a single modicum of impact on their life would be amazing if there's a single person here who............
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    Legionnaires thread 2020-2021, News, Updates, Live Reports

    Ali Gholizadeh's wife plays for the same club as him! Yasaman Farmani
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    Happening now...

    Tiger Woods getting surgery after his car crash
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    Both countries have had ridiculous game show characters leading their country during this pandemic. One of them presented a show (Trump/The Apprentice), the other was made famous by a show (Johnson/Have I Got News For You) Both of them are manifestations of current populist movements which...
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    Legionnaires thread 2020-2021, News, Updates, Live Reports

    At some point, this kid needs to grow up a bit
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    English Premier League, FA CUP Fixtures , Rumours, News , Transfers , Match Updates ( 2020-21 )

    Fair play to Moshiri - he's made Everton a big club again. Ancelotti has done very well and for the first time in memory their woeful (overall) signing policy, from bakayoko onwards, is no longer happening and they are getting so many tidy players. I kinda wish he cared more about Iranian...
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    Carlos Queiroz the mastermind Chess player

    It took two years for the Iranian team to get to know him. Once that happened, it was a siege unit, so the team itself was so much greater than the some of its parts. Look at the win ratio difference between the first two years and next six.... Within the infinity amount of corruption and...