FIFA day matches (March 2018)


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Oct 18, 2002
He definitely is one of the best, if not the best along with PAG, that we got there. He is someone you can trust and depend on at all the times.
However, that being said, he was easily beaten by Al-sad's Baghdad(i) and EsEs' Mame Baba Tiam with a similar move both resulting in goals.
He is gonna face that Baghdad guy when playing Algeria, let see if he has improved on that weakness.
Well, when you have better players around you (like he will have in TM), you will perform better too.

As a whole, I will dare to say Hosseini is the best defender I have ever seen in TM! and I've been following TM since late 80's.
Feb 15, 2006
Iran vs Algeria line up:
Both Sardar and Taremi among the start 11:
Beiravand / Vuria, Pejman, Khanzadeh, Aghaei / Ezatolahi, Ansarifard, Hajsafi, Jahanbakhsh / Azmoun, Taremi.

Kick off: 18:00 CET

ترکیب ایران: علیرضا بیرانوند، وریا غفوری، پژمان منتظری، محمدرضا خان‌زاده، سعید آقایی، سعید عزت‌اللهی، کریم انصاری‌فرد، احسان حاج‌صفی، علیرضا جهانبخش، سردار آزمون و مهدی طارمی
ترکیب الجزایر: فوزی شاوشی ، زین‌ الدین فرحات، عیسی ماندی، فاروق شافعی ، رامی بن سبعینی ، کارل مجانی، سلیم بوخنشوش و سفیان هانی ، ریاض محرز، العربی هلال سودانی و بغداد بونجاح
Feb 4, 2005
Very attacking line up. Why is he playing Ezzat? He is going to be absent for Morocco anyway. Also why isn't Jalal in the line up?
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Mar 27, 2005
yeah very attacking line up!!! let see how our defense holds up. I think Jalal has slight injury plus he is one of the center backs for sure. CQ is trying to find his partner.