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    TM Iran Information Thread

    This thread started in 2012!! TM has gone thru so many changes and unfortunately just like Iran all for the worse. One thing tho. I am amazed at Nekounam who has been one of the most underrated players in all of Asia. He has scored many winning goals or the only goal for Team Melli so many...
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    If you take out Saddam...... I guarantee you enormous positive reverberations on the region

    I suggest to read or watch gen. Westley Clark's statement as to what he discovered in pentagon back in 2001. There's a man by the name of Christopher Bollyn who has many videos online. Take any 1 of his speech videos n listen carefully. Valuable source of info.
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    Stock/commodities Discussion

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    Adel New Show!!

    I like F-pour's frank nature in reporting. Most of the times when he's doing the reporting TM wins but the other guy ...he is like damn bad luck. Every time he reports Iran Loses!!?? Even if we play Indonesia we lose. Also از اینا که وقتی گل زده میشه میگن توی دروازه توی دروازه هیچ خوشم نمیاد...
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    Hi from Turkey

    Welcome to ISP Burak. I hope you enjoy it here. Turkey had a great team in WC 2002 in Korea and should have won from Brasil except the referee was a stupid jackass and won the game for brasil. I hate unjust judges and refs and want to cut their nastt heads off. :D Welcome
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    H.M SON , the best Asian player ever ?

    Hah... weird coincident. I just saw him today (video highlights on yt) when we tied 1 to 1 with Korea (this north n south. East n west are all Bulls**t. I don't even recognize Pakistan n still call it India ). He's pretty good. But if we had Korean gov. and society we'd have the best players...
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    عکسی‌ به یاد ماندنی از تاج ۱۳۵۰

    دست گلت درد نکنه کسری جان. . یادش بخیر.. روزگار خوشی بود و با اینکه چند تا از بازیکن های ما پیشنهاداتی از تیم های معروف خارجی دریافت میکردند ولی کسی حاضر نبود ایران را ترک کنه! حالا درست برعکس. . همه یه کاری میکنن که از ایران فرار کنن. وقتی اسم تاج به اون باحالی رو عوضی میکنن و میذارن استفراغ...
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    I love this... I always say Beckham , Roberto Carlos, etcet.: Whatta shot...Eat your hearts out. LOL :-) Oh ...and I think it was raining pretty hard too. ... almost midfield and upper 90... Fantastic.
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    When I hear Karim's name I always remember his goal vs Korea in 2001 which became CNN's goal of the week. (I still have a VHS tape of it but my VCR is broken lol)... But it's terrible that we must say the good old days because none of the great players like Bagheri or Daei ot Karim or Aziz and...
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    Ruhollah Zam arrested

    Did he have something to do with killing of his "friend" Mas'oud Molavi?? I don't know anything about these and I don't like the way they look and I don't consider them real Iranians Probably imports or haf import. Supposedly Molavi guy was a hacker or something... And that woman Noori sure...
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    ایران هنگ کنگ مقدماتی جام جهانی‌۱۹۷۸

    با تشکر از کسرای عزیز من فکر میکنم آن زمان توپ های فوتبال خیلی سنگین تر از توپ های کنونی بودن چون یادم هست توپ ها چرمی بودن و داخل اونا یه تیوب بود که باید باد میکردیم و گره می زدیم و داخل توپ خم میکردیم و بعد توپ ها یک شکافی داشتن که مثل کفش بند داشت و بند رو باید می بستیم و خلاصه درد سری بود...
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    Heyf shod ... I really wanted to see how Wilmots is...but I just don't think in this situation that the authorities in Iran are scared to death from ppl uprising and with no Internet or even decent phone lines anyone is worried about football. These idiots have thrown us back many decades in...
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    Is this Keyrush or whatever his name?, Still TM coach??

    Sly jaan. Thank you... I went to Iran 3 times and each time stayed 2 months ... it was ok except the circumstance were very cappy and upsetting to me. It hurts when I know what is going on in Iran but can't say a damn thing about it even in America the supposed land of freedom...(shishaki)...
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    Is this Keyrush or whatever his name?, Still TM coach??

    BTW Sorry for late reply. My desktop MSi all in 1 PC all of the sudden turns completely Off as soon as it hit the Windows logon screen. Sometimes as soon as I log in!? I cant figure it out... I ran chkdsk /f or something and it booted up ok this time but I bet it'll do that again next time...
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    Is this Keyrush or whatever his name?, Still TM coach??

    [QUOTE="Sly, post: 1222992, member: 60"]LOL the king of ISP is back. :) How are you Meyti jan? Long time no see....How have you been? Meyti jan what has happened to you man? Once up on a time we got the football news from you. Now you don't even know who the coach is? They have replaced CQ...