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    Messina lose their Serie A spot

    According Gazzetta dello Sport Messina and Torino will not participate in this years Serie A campaign...
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    Happy Brithday to Westwienmaskulin

    Happy B-Day, Westi! :D Hope you'll have a great year ahead of you! Wishing also there will be cause for celebration with the town of Barcelona for 2nd consecutive league title! :)
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    Happy Birthday to.....

    Happy B-day man!!!! :)
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    Yanagisawa joins Juve

    well just for the summer as Juve will travel to Japan and hongkong. Other players from the Messina squad that will be travelling with JUVE are: Zanchi and Aronica who both are 50% owned by JUVE. The player that will most likely have a reason to use this opportunity will be Parisi who can see...
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    Dear members,Toofan got shot

    sad to hear about this, hope you have a speedy recovery.
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    Birthday Greetings To 2 dear members: Meyti and Bong

    Happy B-Day Guys!!! :)
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    HAPPY Belated Birthday to BijanS!!!!!

    Jo, jag håller med dig. Förra årets "cirkus" kändes avslaget... Kanske blir det bättre i år, speciellt om dom där två stallen du nämnde kommer igång! Läste häromdagen att BMW kanske bryter samarbetet med Williams och köper Sauber. Sauber som i sin tur investerad riktigt stort i teknik delen...
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    HAPPY Belated Birthday to BijanS!!!!!

    Grattis på födelsedagen Bijan!!! Hoppas att du hade det trevligt och att du får ett fantastiskt år! ps. F1 säsongen drar snart igång! Ska vi tippa att till nästa säsong åker bilarna på fyrkantiga däck! Allt eftersom på banan jämnar dom ut sig o blir rundare ;) :P
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    Best Birthday wishes for Babak G!

    Happy B-day!
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    ppl. living in Sweden, check this out! :o

    21:00 Asiens VM-kval från Manama, Bahrein Bahrain - Iran @ Eurosport! But the time is :confused: for being LIVE!
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    Dealhelper Spyware!!!!

    See if this will help! DealHelper Istbar
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    Computer Hardware Problems (Help)!

    I think you are talking about the IDE cable. Blue, should be connected to the motherboard Black, Master Gray, Slave
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    Computer Hardware Problems (Help)!

    Soroush jan, thanks for the information man! :) The whole thing has been really confusing, the person that told me the color's are used as indicator for UDMA mode support also told me that the m.board is also a typical budget m.board of its time... "IIRC" non of it was exactly budget...
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    Computer Hardware Problems (Help)!

    Pouria jan, kheyli mamnoon as lotfetan :) just happy I could be able to help out! :) About this matter, well I guess I've to wait and see what our other computer Guru's have to say...
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    Computer Hardware Problems (Help)!

    Hello guys, The other day I read a thread in a forum saying that some m.boards do not support UDMA modes > 2 on the second channel. That you can tell by looking at the color of the 2nd IDE Socket, if not blue then that's the case. My m.board MSI-845PE Max2-FIR has a Blue IDE1 Socket and a...