1 dollar = 4800 goozman

Oct 18, 2002
21450 now. I think the IR is trying to keep it low to get people to join in the circus of their election. That coupled with the hope that Biden will send some planes full of $$s has led the downward spiral.

commenting on this stuff is a moot point. we don't any kind of data as to how much of money is blocked in foreign countries (à la korea).

but here i go any way :)

how much foreign currency reserves does the central bank have!
how much foreign currency every day people have at their possession.

But my bias is that people in Iran's speculation markets are too optimistic about improvements on trade (sanctions).

it may be that the threat of a war on any given month is now much lower than it was before!

so maybe it is warranted for Dollar to drop against the Rial by 10%-20%. but anything beyond that seems like the market is getting way ahead of itself.