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    So this is why all IR officials are ugly

    IR in many ways is the rebellion and revenge of the ugly, moldy, tasteless, and unkempt against the Pahlavi era. In modern history, anywhere in the world, I do not think there has been a better dressed head of state than the Shah himself-absolutely impeccable. And to make it in the regime you...
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    Iranian President selection thread

    deerouz jaan, I think you are reading too much into Rohani being Rafsanjani's man thing. Hasn't Rohani been Khamenei's representative in Shoraye amniyate melli for years? Rohani has been super close to Khamenei. I remember Khamenei thanking Rohani profusely when he had succeeded in defusing...
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    Iranian President selection thread

    I don't think Rohani is Rafi's man. I think that if Khamenei et al wished to resolve the nuclear stand off then the best way is to get Rohani in there. They can say that this is what people wished for. Long before Qalibaf or others got in, Rohani was in the race. Rohani in, would mean that...
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    Iranian President selection thread

    In my opinion the way the regime has conducted this election is an indication that Khamenei et al feel a lot more secure about their grip over the country.
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    What is going on in Turkey?!

    Absolutely, currently, there is no example of any Islamic Government anywhere that respects individual freedom to the extent that it is respected in the west (Anglo-American countries and those who have copied Anglo-Americans to be precise.) And what freedom west has in practice is minute...
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    BREAKING: Margaret Thatcher dead at age 87

    On Thatcher, there is a reason why people do not want to go back to the 70s. In 1974 the total value of all publicly held UK businesses had dropped to an astonishingly low $50B. This is how bad things were. This meant that Iran could essentially buy all of the publicly held UK companies...
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    BREAKING: Margaret Thatcher dead at age 87

    Like I said, good for you. Just witness this board to see how few are those who make a change in their views. People tend to stick to their views even if they truly discover that they have been wrong. They just hide from their own conscience.
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    Gold !

    Following the trend, baa'aa baa'aa. Why don't you open a thread on oil. Oil was $106 when a few years ago I wrote that the golden era of oil is over explaining that it will likely languish from here on. You disagreed colorfully, to be polite. Today oil stands at $87 despite the tremendous...
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    BREAKING: Margaret Thatcher dead at age 87

    It is not just about pragmatism. Behrooz has moved decidedly to the right side. Good for you Behrooz on multiple fronts. It is not just that the individual freedom is the only way, and the right side of issues, it is also that you have been able to develop your thoughts instead of repeating...
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    Pysychoakology of khamanei and his reactionary leadership

    I also think that Sepah is the bigger problem. Khamenei is going to die after all. But Sepah is an organization. It has guns and it has money. As I have said many times in the past, Sepah is the number one enemy of Iranians. As far as IR leaving anytime soon, it is unlikely. They have...
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    Couple of Interesting Pieces of News from Europe!!

    Right about many things? That is an understatement given the current condition of Europe. She is the one who kept the UK off of the Euro. She was ran out of office for it. Every Brit should kneel down in appreciation for what she did for them.
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    Photo : Reza Shah among students going abroad to study

    Like I said you are ignorant of the history of the revolution and really, really ignorant of what Bazargan stood for and are prejudiced towards a single point. I am certain that you have not read much of what Bazargan wrote. As for my religious beliefs it is very different than Bazargans. I...
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    Photo : Reza Shah among students going abroad to study

    I think you are getting too emotional and prejudiced, no? He would be good in directing a small charity organization? Was he not the head of the first engineering school at Tehran University at a very young age? Ask those who were students then on how capable he was. Was he not the head of...
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    Photo : Reza Shah among students going abroad to study

    You are ignoarant of history of the revolution and are prejudiced towards a single point you have learned. All of the underlined section is incorrect. Was it Islamic chauvinism that led to Toudeh and Fadaian, the Godless commies to support Khomeini incomparably more staunchly than Bazargan...