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    Iraqi players doping update - 3-0 chance for Iran?

    No confidence in AFC to follow their own precedence! But if anything Iraq fielded 2 ineligible players: Al Zahra and Sheikh Abdol Bin Williams Al Australiayee!
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    SUAREZ could face up to 2 years WORLDWIDE ban for bite Knowing FIFA though, they're a soft touch and probably wont impose anything near the maximum! In my opinion, this filthy animal has form, this is the third time he'll be appearing for biting alone...
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    This one is for InDaMoney! Here's what your "pundits" think! Iran are better than both England and Spain Sure, Iran are fairly limited in the final third, but then so were England and Spain. Crucially, however, Carlos Queiroz's side are...
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    3 Day Tour De Toronto

    Hello friends, The family and I will be travelling to the US and Canada in June/July. Our itinerary will take us to Toronto for 3 days. We will be staying in Downtown. As I know many ISP-ers are Toronto residents, I thought I might get good tips for sightseeing, places to visit, "must do"...
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    ایران یک هواپیمای بدون سرنشین آمریکایی ر&#

    Yeah but even then it will be useless to IRI. There is no iTunes in Iran so they can't get download the photos off the ipod!
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    ایران یک هواپیمای بدون سرنشین آمریکایی ر&#

    Na jaanam. Aggar chenin bood ke mosalaman baa jenaab aali zoodtar dar tamaas boodand ke baa rofaghaa dar Esraeil hamaahang konin ke yek farvand RQ170 dar khedmat bezaarin. oonjoori gandesham dar nemioumad ke yeki sar negoon shodeh ke yek vaght khodaa nakardeh sadameh bebineh va yaa self destruct...
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    This says it all about future of Libya - Gadafi was lynched now proof shows

    Its very hard to judge this sort of behaviour. Yes, when you are emotionally unattached, the behaviour of this sort of "lynching mob" seems abhorrent. It can only be the work of crazed animals right? Well before we pass judgement allow me to borrow your imaginations for a couple of moments...
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    ^^^^^^^ You are a clown! Magge nagoftam boro rooto kam kon? You argue with people who say "men get twice as much as women" and you qualify that to mean a brother gets more than a sister but you don't qualify your own claim until the very end after your bullshit is exposed! As I stated...
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    No argument from me. That was the whole point of my post, that western nations have moved on from the old testament whereas the muslims are stuck on living their lives according to a book that was written 1400 years ago!
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    Stop confusing yourself and/or other people! Women are alloted half of the share of men in the same degree of relation to the deceased! Ahmaghe bi savaad! When you talk about men and women in the same degree of relation to a third party you can ONLY BE TALKING ABOUT BROTHERS AND SISTERS! That...
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    My 2 cents: the quran is actually quite progressive compared to the bible when it comes to inheritance. In christianity, a wife has no claim for inheritance at all and daughters can only have claim for shares of inheritance if there are no sons! Comparatively, a 0.5 share compared to 1.0...
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    US leads walk out on Ahmadinejad's anti-West speech Iran anti-West speech sparks UN walkout September 23, 2011 - 6:39AM AFP Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has gone on the warpath against the West at the United Nations again, sparking...
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    Islamic Renaissance

    Lordi jaan, I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic here or not. With all due respect calling Zartosht a "fire worshipper" is very ignorant. This is the sort of bullshit hezbollahis have been throwing around to make their islam fee superior. Zoroastrians do not "worship" fire. Fire is...
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    Tehran, second worst city to live in the world

    LOL! Very true. However, my post was aimed at those who had simply dismissed the credibility of the study on the basis that they (mistakenly) thought it had ranked places like Harare and Tripoli higher than tehran. As a a matter of fact, the title of the thread is "Tehran, second worst city...
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    Tehran, second worst city to live in the world

    NEWSFLASH!!!!! You've all been looking at the list upside down! I looked at the article for the for the first time (for some reason I couldn't access the CNN site last week). The list of cities below Tehran seemed a bit odd so I decided to do a little research...